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Patient-Focused Care

Whether from sun damage, aging, or genetics, our face, skin, and body can lose their natural glow over time. Advanced Dermatology Institute understands that rejuvenating your outer appearance, achieving your beauty desires, and maintaining healthy, vibrant skin can boost confidence and change your life remarkably. We also know that your safety and comfort are top priorities when achieving your beauty goals.

That’s why you can look forward to a deeply personalized diagnosis and treatment plan for hundreds of skin and skin-related conditions that recognize underlying medical conditions and individual triggers to maximize safety, comfort, and results. From botox treatment to dermal fillers, psoriasis treatment, and the most serious skin conditions, Advanced Dermatology Institute has the right team of licensed dermatologists ready to help.

Unleash Your Gorgeous Youthful Radiance

As one of the largest cosmetic laser medi-spa and dermatology practices in Los Angeles, Advanced Dermatology Institute offers a fine balance of technology, technique, and visual aesthetics to make you feel and look your absolute best.

The founder, Dr. Hala Koudsi, M.D., is deeply passionate about combining her passion as an artist and using the latest cosmetic, medical, and laser technology to achieve the most satisfying beauty results.

Hence, Advanced Dermatology Institute is proud to offer a variety of cosmetic dermatology treatments to help you feel and look your best for youthful-looking skin.

Dr. Hala Koudsi M.D

World-Class Dermatology Practice Headed By

Dr. Hala Koudsi, the founder of the Advanced Dermatology Institute, is a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon specializing in cosmetic dermatology.

She is renowned for taking on the most challenging skin-related surgeries and has over 30 years of experience treating stretch marks, rosacea, varicose veins, acne scarring, wrinkles, hair restoration, hair removal, permanent fat reduction, and muscle sculpting and building.

As an artist with a deep appreciation for beauty, she’s uniquely positioned to blend the art and science of the skin.

Thanks to her extensive training and vast experiences in cosmetic treatments, laser technologies, RF devices, surgical procedures, and general dermatology, Dr. Hala Koudsi, and her team of licensed healthcare professionals offer a vast range of options to meet all your skin and body goals.

By using cutting-edge technology, it gives her great satisfaction to help you keep your skin glowing and stay forever young.