Botox and Dermal Fillers Treatment

Injectable treatments like botox and fillers help improve facial contours, eliminate wrinkles, crow’s feet, and forehead lines, and remove chin fat.

Advanced Dermatology Institute is a medical spa offering a vast range of cosmetic treatments using botox, fillers, and other injectables to give you the look you desire without surgery.

Improve Skin Appearance With Botox Treatments

Botox is a remarkably successful treatment that relaxes facial muscles that cause eye and forehead wrinkles.

As one of LA’s best Botox experts, Dr. Hala Koudsi and her team are poised to deliver safe and effective botox treatment to help you achieve a youthful and radiant complexion.

The treatment procedure often involves injecting a tiny amount of FDA-approved muscle relaxer into targeted facial muscles, lines, and wrinkles.

Most patients report that the sensation of the injections feels like little mosquito bites because the needle used is very tiny.

The procedure often takes about 20 minutes, and the full effect will show up about 3 to 7 days after treatment.

What Can Botox Treat?

Over the years, repetitive facial movements have resulted in hollowing or depressing lines.

Botox targets these lines that make you look tired to achieve a more balanced facial asymmetry. Botox treatment is a non-surgical procedure suitable for treating frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead lines, lip lines, and creases on the corners of the mouth, neck, and chin.

Botox treatments are also excellent for eliminating dark circles and lifting and tightening the skin with no downtime. Botox treatments can also treat diverse medical conditions such as excessive sweating, crossed eye, muscle spasticity, chronic migraines, and overactive bladder.

Restore Lost Volume With FDA-cleared Dermal Fillers

Fillers or injectables are an excellent way to correct age-related volume loss around the face, lips, nose, cheeks, and hands without surgery.

It is an ideal way to enjoy plumper lips and gently reshape your lip borders while adding volume to your cheeks. Fillers in the lips often last about 12 months, while fillers in the cheeks last up to two years. Fillers around the nasolabial folds, the lines moving from the nose to the outer edges of the lips, last up to 18 months.

If you are unhappy with your aging hands, fillers are also a great way to eliminate the bony look that comes with aging.

At Advanced Dermatology Institute, we use a variety of FDA-approved injectable products to meet your goals safely and effectively.

Botox And Dermal Fillers Are Remarkably Safe, Fast And Require Zero Downtime

As a non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment, botox and fillers don’t require downtime or prolonged or noticeable recovery. Botox and fillers are practically painless procedures. You may also receive a numbing cream to help lessen any discomfort. There’s only a mild swelling on the injection site or, on rare occasions, a bruise that can be covered by makeup. You may be asked to avoid aspirin and Motrin a week before the procedure to minimize the possibility of a bruise, and they can return to your routine in no time. Botox & filler treatments are highly effective, with visible improvements in 3 to 14 days, and these results last over 4 to 6 months. Patients report that subsequent treatments offer longer-lasting results than the first treatment because, over time, the lines and wrinkles appear less severe as the muscles are trained to relax.

Who Can Use Botox & Filler Cosmetic Services?

Botox treatments and dermal fillers are suitable for anyone wishing to reduce wrinkles between the eyebrows, on the bridge of the nose, across the forehead, and on the corners of the eyes (crow’s feet).

With over 20 years of use for various skin conditions, Botox and dermal fillers have a well-established history making them perfect for people of all ages and skin types. Before treatment, you may be advised not to take any blood thinners or alcohol to lessen bruising.

Dr. Hala Koudsi and her team at Advanced Dermatology Institute will begin by assessing your underlying medical history to determine whether you are a good fit for the botox and filler treatments, alongside curating a personalized procedure that ensures comfort and safety.

Botox versus Fillers: Which is The Right One For Me?

Botox Cosmetic Treatments

  • Injected into specific muscles to relax them
  • Suitable for flattening wrinkles
  • Treats frown lines, crow’s feet lines, forehead lines, bunny lines, glabella lines, marionette lines, pebbled chin, neck lines, hyperhidrosis, top lip lines, and eyebrow lifts.
  • Suitable for both cosmetic purposes and other medical conditions.
  • Takes 10 – 90 minutes per treatment
  • 2 – 4 weeks to see the full effect
  • Results last up to 3 to 6 months
  • Little to no recovery time

Dermal Fillers

  • Injected under the skin to smooth lines
  • Designed to add fullness and volume
  • Treats thin lips & lip lines, thin hands, laugh lines, cheek volume, under-eyes, eye bags, and tear trough.
  • Mostly used for cosmetic beautification
  • Takes 5 to 10 minutes per treatment
  • Immediate results
  • Results last up to 5 years depending on the fillers used.
  • Little to no recovery time