IPL Pigmentation Treatment For An Even Radiant Skin Tone

Uneven skin tone can become a cause for concern. Often, red and brown discoloration appears as we age, during pregnancy, due to sun damage or other conditions.

These spots really stand out, especially on people with light skin, leading to a loss of confidence.

Fortunately, IPL or Intense Pulsed Light treatment offered by Advanced Dermatology Institute is the ideal pigmentation removal procedure that clears redness and brown spots, helping you achieve a radiant and even skin tone in no time.

Eliminate Skin Pigmentation & Imperfections With Dramatic Results

IPL treatment involves the use of targeted polychromatic light therapy to target melanin in the skin, thereby breaking up bonds between cells to lighten patches.

Hence, the IPL treatment targets plenty of skin conditions, including pigmented skin (brown and red spots), acne, vascular (blood vessel) lesions, sunspots (brown lesions), unwanted hair, red scars, age spots, and many more.

Minimally Invasive Treatment With Zero Downtime

One thing you’ll love about IPL treatment is that there’s no downtime. So you can return to your regular activities. Most patients feel only a quick and mild stinging sensation because of the light heating on the skin. During treatment, you will be given special glasses to protect your eyes while the IPL device is applied over the targeted skin.

Treatment often takes 15 to 20 minutes. On occasion, a freezing gel may be applied to alleviate any form of discomfort. You may expect redness and mild puffiness around treated skin that quickly resolves in a day.

After treatment, we recommend you stay out of the direct sun or use sunscreen for at least 8 weeks. You may have a little red and slight stinging after each treatment session.

Dark spots may even seem deeper in color after the IPL treatment session, but it fades in 3 to 5 days.

It’s also normal for areas of melasma to peel or crust a few days after treatment.

A Longer-Lasting Solution To Eliminate Hyperpigmentation

IPL treatment results typically become visible after a few treatment sessions. Individual sessions offer subtle results, but each session builds on the previous ones providing more lasting effects and helping prevent the recurrence of hyperpigmentation or melasma.

After 3 – 4 treatment series scheduled 6 to 8 weeks apart to achieve, you will see a dramatic change leading to a radiant and gorgeous even skin tone.

Is IPL Treatment Right For Me?

IPL is suitable for anyone wishing to eliminate brown and red spots caused by hyperpigmentation. That said, every IPL treatment procedure is unique and dependent on your skin’s needs and situation.

Dr. Hala Koudsi and her team of licensed skin care experts will conduct a complete assessment of your skin and evaluate your medical history to customize your IPL treatment tailored to your skin concerns and goals.

IPL has no downtime, and with proper skin care and sun protection, IPL treatment results can last for years. Schedule your consultation today.

Ready For A Healthy Looking, Even Skin Tone?