Improve Muscle Tone With TruSculpt Flex

Building your dream physique takes time and discipline. But often, even after a strenuous fitness program and healthy diet, you may have some challenges achieving your dream body, especially when dealing with stubborn areas like the abdominal muscles, buttocks, and thighs. TruSculpt Flex is a powerful, non-invasive, and long-lasting body sculpting solution for a lifted buttock, sculpted arms, toned thighs, and a defined abdomen. Using radiofrequency technology set at therapeutic temperatures, TruSculpt Flex targets muscles in the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs to strengthen, tone, and firm your muscles regardless of your skin type, shape, or fitness level.

A Fabulous Body Sculpting Solution

Unlike many other muscle-building and fat-reduction solutions, Trusculpt Flex results become visible within 12 weeks. When combined with your current fitness regimen, this fast, safe, and deeply personalized body sculpting procedure is an excellent choice for an evenly contoured and sculpted body while eliminating any stubborn bulges. TruSculpt Flex is not only suitable for the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks but also the arms and calves. TruSculpt Flex can help you achieve your desired muscle tone no matter what part of your body makes you uncomfortable.

Remarkably Fast Body Sculpting With No Downtime

A single session usually lasts between 15 and 45 minutes, depending on the number of treatment areas, with zero downtime. Most patients find the TruSculpt Flex solution comfortable and liken the experience to that of deep-tissue massage. Advanced Dermatology Institutes can also adjust treatment parameters to ensure the most comfortable treatment experience. It’s also normal to experience a warm tingle and pinkish hue around the treatment area for a few hours afterward. Most patients require only 4 treatments to reduce average muscle mass by over 30%, thereby replicating results that heavy squats, abdominal crunches, lunges, and more would have achieved. In no time, you will notice more shape, tone, and definition to achieve the physique of your dreams.

Three Unique Treatment Modes For Even & Consistent Muscle Thickness

It’s also easy to control the level of muscle thickness desired for each area, and there’s always more room for muscle growth. TruSculpt Flex is the ideal non-invasive muscle sculpting solution that allows you to tailor it to your needs and body type through three amazing treatment modes.

Prep Mode: Low energy levels create a twisting motion to warm up, stretch muscles, and build gentle muscle contractions.

Tone Mode: As treatment continues, muscle contraction increases, holding muscles to exhaustion before relaxing to build strength and improve endurance.

Sculpt Mode: This mode offers intense and fast sequential muscle contractions to build muscle mass. The entire procedure feels like those workout repetitions, causing superb muscle tone and contour.

Who is TruSculpt Flex Suitable For?

TruSculpt Flex is suitable for everyone, regardless of body type, fitness level, or goals. It’s an ideal rapid muscle sculpting procedure that provides continued results lasting several months.

Dr. Hala Koudsi and the team of dermatologists at Advanced Dermatology Institute will give a full consultation and complete body assessment to help you make an informed decision about the procedure. Chat, call, or email us for more information, or book your appointment today.

TruSculpt ID Versus TruSculpt Flex: Which One Is For Me?

TruSculpt Flex

  • Ideal for muscle firming and toning
  • May not improve skin tone
  • Targets muscle groups
  • Enhances muscles and tones
  • 45 minutes treatment time
  • No downtime

TruSculpt ID

  • Ideal for fat loss
  • Can cause significant skin tightening
  • Targets fat cells
  • Eliminates targeted fat pockets across the body
  • 30-minute treatment time
  • No downtime