Sculpt The Body You Desire With TruSculpt ID

An intense workout and diet can achieve remarkable results. But what if you could also lose more pockets of fat without exercise or diet? As a revolutionary, non-invasive monopolar RF body toning solution, TruSculpt ID eliminates fat permanently and helps build muscle tone so you can personalize the body you desire with no downtime.

A single non-invasive TruSculpt ID session can permanently target the entire fat layer, resulting in up to 24% fat reduction, especially in areas resistant to diet and exercise to achieve a smaller, perfectly toned, and contoured body.

The Ideal Non-surgical Fat Reduction Treatment

Unlike invasive treatments like liposuction, TruSculpt ID helps eliminate stubborn fat without requiring an intensive recovery period. A single treatment might take as little as 15 to 30 minutes to clinically eliminate fat cells throughout the targeted treatment areas.

Beyond fat cell removal, TruSculpt ID also smooths cellulite, tightens the skin, and improves skin laxity. It is a delightful body toning solution to eliminate stubborn fat around the stomach, back, flanks, arms, love handles, thighs, double chin, and under buttocks.

Painless Body Toning Procedure For All Body Types

The TruSculpt ID treatment procedure is designed to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation. It uses innovative monopolar radiofrequency technology to target fat and heat it until it is eliminated by passing through the body naturally.

Only the TruSculpt device is placed over the treatment area to release a radiofrequency pulse and deeply heat the tissue. One unique way TruSculpt ID stands out is that you can treat any stubborn fat on the body precisely where you need it the most and deal with loose skin immediately.

Highest Level of Comfort and Safety With No Downtime

TruSculpt ID is clinically proven to prioritize your comfort and safety. From the actual treatment to post-treatment activities, you will be sure to feel and look your best without any intense pain. Most patients only feel a hot sensation during treatment at the application site, and the temperature is adjusted to your comfort. The cooling gel may occasionally be applied after treatment to make the entire process stress-free and pleasant.

You will especially love that there is no downtime or need for pain medication or local anesthetics. You can also return to normal activities immediately after the treatment procedure. Most patients begin seeing results between four and twelve weeks.

Who Is TruSculpt ID Body Toning For?

TruSculpt is suitable for anyone looking to target unwanted fat in target areas. Unlike more aggressive body toning forms, it is unsuitable for extreme weight loss or fighting obesity.

However, Dr. Hala Koudsi and her team of board-certified cosmetic dermatologists will help you customize or personalize the body sculpting solution to determine the number of treatments across target areas and desired results.

TruSculpt ID usually requires only one treatment, but for best results, it may be combined with other techniques such as TruSculpt Flex. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

TruSculpt ID Versus TruSculpt Flex: Which One Is For Me?

TruSculpt Flex

  • Ideal for muscle firming and toning
  • May not improve skin tone
  • Targets muscle groups
  • Enhances muscles and tones
  • 45 minutes treatment time
  • No downtime

TruSculpt ID

  • Ideal for fat loss
  • Can cause significant skin tightening
  • Targets fat cells
  • Eliminates targeted fat pockets across the body
  • 30-minute treatment time
  • No downtime

Allow Us to Personalize Your TruSculpt ID Body Sculpting Treatment.